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Transforming Corporate Leaders: Our Method, Your Fractional Executive Success!

What gets us up in the morning? A burning desire to make a difference, one leader at a time. How do we do that? By showing talented professionals how to shine as Fractional Executives and then watching the impact they bring to businesses everywhere!

We’ll know we've hit a home run when:

  • Hardworking professionals get to enjoy more family dinners and fewer late nights at the office.
  • Gone are the days of feeling lost in the shuffle, replaced by moments of clarity and purposeful action.
  • With the Fractional Officer Method™, consider us your launchpad. We’re not just here for guidance – we're your stepping stone to a thriving career as a Fractional Executive, guiding you to launch the successes you've dreamed of!

About Cosmin Gabriel

As an Executive with over 20+ years of startup and corporate experience, I've worked with global brands such as Samsung, USAA, and General Motors, across various industries including, Telecom, eCommerce, SaaS, FinTech, and EdTech. I've led multiple teams, managed 8-figure P&Ls, and driven over $245M in revenue with 15+ brands.

Despite all of this, I was frustrated. I didn't have the freedom I desired and I knew I could earn more.

I was ready to transition. I wanted to share my expertise with companies I was passionate about, and in the end, have a greater sense of purpose.

I began my journey as a Fractional Executive and discovered how to make a 6 figure income with a proven method. I developed the Fractional Officer Method™ as a way to see others like you have a life of more freedom, income, and purpose!

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Our Core Values

  • Empathetic Leadership

Seeing through your lens, understanding every challenge

  • Purposeful Integrity

It's all about realness, honesty, and building trust.

  • Collaborative Growth

Sharing successes, learning from each other, and growing together.

  • Adaptive Innovation

Crafting solutions that resonate with changing times.


The Fractional Officer Method™ is designed for corporate professionals who are looking to transition or grow their fractional executive business with a proven framework and community.

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