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Melissa P.

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The Full Fractional Officer Method Experience

The Fractional Officer Method™ uses cutting-edge technology with custom personal AI avatars in all lessons. This allows us to quickly update any module with any new insights, tools, or strategies as the industry matures.

💻 Full 7-Module Experience

Right when you join, you'll immediately unlock access to 7 modules for a self-paced curriculum to get you started.

With your instant access to all modules, you'll be ready to build and scale your business! With my Custom AI avatar, we can make frequent updates to each module to have the latest insights and strategies.

👋 Access to Exclusive Community

We have a community space where you can start discussions, celebrate wins, and share feedback with each other. It's built right into the FOM™ experience. Our founder is highly engaged and responsive in the community.

This is an opportunity to also network and build relationships with other Fractional Officers for joint ventures and referrals.

📅 Guided Timelines

Although the program is self-paced, you'll be provided with recommended guidelines with specific tasks to complete. You'll be given a timeline to increase the likelihood of success.

You'll have access to a launch plan, that will come with PDF worksheets and templates.

📝 Time-saving Templates

Throughout the course, there are 20+ worksheets and templates to help you save time and launch as quickly as possible.

Examples Include: Business Startup Checklist, Lead Generating Website Worksheet, Prospecting Automation Sources, Onboarding Client Worksheet, Unique Service Offerings Template, OKR Template, and more.

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